Kudzu Sculptures – A Main Street Mystery

Kudzu Sculptures
137 Pages
ISBN 978-1072331117

Dorie Hudson, a new journalism graduate from Virginia Tech, moves to small-town Daelin, GA, to work for the Daelin Beacon as the Lifestyles Editor. Within the first weeks of her time in Daelin, she finds the town up in arms about the kudzu ‘sculptures’ swallowing the loblolly pines on the road into Daelin. Why won’t the mayor allow the nurseryman Ross MacAvoy to tear down and destroy the overgrowing vines? What’s hiding in the kudzu? As the mystery deepens, Dorie finds most people are like the kudzu, beautiful and polite on the outside, but dead and self-serving on the inside.

Diane E. Tatum

About Diane E. Tatum (Nashville, Tennessee Author)

Diane E. Tatum

Diane began writing in elementary school. Her first book Gold Earrings started as a creative writing assignment in high school. She is currently a Forget Me Not Romance author for Winged Publications. She has 6 novels available!

When she’s not writing, Diane teaches English Composition as an adjunct professor for Motlow State Community College at Tullahoma High School. She taught middle school for 11 years to put her sons through college.

Diane and her husband Ken live in Tullahoma, TN. They have 2 sons and daughters-in-law and 4 grandsons. They own 2 dogs: an 18-year-old Jack Russell and a 3-year-old retired racing greyhound.