Tatum's Teen Themes for Today – Topics and Resources for Youth Bible Study

Tatum's Teen Themes for Today
44 Pages
ISBN 978-1980804611

How do I teach teenagers Bible truths and help them apply those truths to their lives? This booklet is designed to help youth teachers create lesson plans as well as be a quick Bible study resource when the original teacher calls up an hour before class needing someone to do something with the teens. This booklet contains resources to teach for Easter and Christmas and a Bible Study worksheet for any scripture, handouts for specific scriptures, devotionals, and pictures from/of famous places and things to spur conversation about Christianity and the development of the Bible.

Permission is granted to copy these pages for use in a Bible study class.

Diane E. Tatum

About Diane E. Tatum (Nashville, Tennessee Author)

Diane E. Tatum

Diane began writing in elementary school. Her first book Gold Earrings started as a creative writing assignment in high school. She is currently a Forget Me Not Romance author for Winged Publications. She has 6 novels available!

When she’s not writing, Diane teaches English Composition as an adjunct professor for Motlow State Community College at Tullahoma High School. She taught middle school for 11 years to put her sons through college.

Diane and her husband Ken live in Tullahoma, TN. They have 2 sons and daughters-in-law and 4 grandsons. They own 2 dogs: an 18-year-old Jack Russell and a 3-year-old retired racing greyhound.