A Time to Fight – Colonial Dream #1

A Time to Fight
233 Pages
ISBN 1790692644

Amanda, Colin, and Ben. All they ever wanted was to be in the Colonies, to escape the tyranny of the English aristocracy, to worship freely, to build a life together.Colin Michael Browning dreams of a new life in the American colonies. He works in the family business as a blacksmith. Amanda Andrews is Colin's soul mate who embroiders in her father's tailoring shoppe. Benjamin Andrews, Amanda's twin brother and Colin's best friend, is a theology student who rejects the Anglican Church during a time of persecution of Protestants in England. Ben yearns for the religious freedom available in Colonial America. These three plan a wedding and a journey to the New World. Their plan is derailed when Colin is forced into joining the King 's Army.The wedding interrupted, Ben and Amanda fulfill a promise to Colin to go to the Colonies without him while he begins his obligation to the King's army. Ben and Amanda move to Boston just before the American Revolution begins. Colin's unit is also moved to America to fight against the colonists. Colin will commit treason to be with the woman and nation he loves. Divided by loyalties and responsibilities, Colin, Ben, and Amanda struggle to begin their Colonial Dream.

Diane E. Tatum

About Diane E. Tatum (Nashville, Tennessee Author)

Diane E. Tatum

Diane began writing in elementary school. Her first book Gold Earrings started as a creative writing assignment in high school. She is currently a Forget Me Not Romance author for Winged Publications. She has 6 novels available!

When she’s not writing, Diane teaches English Composition as an adjunct professor for Motlow State Community College at Tullahoma High School. She taught middle school for 11 years to put her sons through college.

Diane and her husband Ken live in Tullahoma, TN. They have 2 sons and daughters-in-law and 4 grandsons. They own 2 dogs: an 18-year-old Jack Russell and a 3-year-old retired racing greyhound.