Hidden Women – A History of Europe, Celts and Freedom

Hidden Women
180 Pages
ISBN 9781973559740

New finds call for another look at women in European history.

Ever more convincingly, buried treasures show that Europe’s ancient Celts valued females in ways that later empires did not. Archaeology is uncovering vast differences between these family-centric populations and the Roman Empire that fueled its expansion by conquest, occupation and enslavement of Celtic peoples. Over the past 2000 years, institutionalized sexism has carried Rome’s elitist male domination all the way to the present.

Along with the riches that have been found in women’s burial chambers, excavations across the continent reveal a surprising consistency in technological capabilities, communication and trade networks of Iron Age Celts. Ancient tombs and treasure troves throughout Great Britain, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia give insights into a formerly vibrant culture that is no longer recognized.

Hidden Women brings vantage views into this wealthy, productive, nature-loving civilization with photos of Celtic gold, sumptuous landscapes and telltale traces. Common threads, beautifully woven by women and men through the ages, trace right up to the present day. Recognizing the Celtic legacy of connection to the primordial homeland restores all of Europe to all Europeans, including women.

Jacqueline Widmar Stewart

About Jacqueline Widmar Stewart (Silicon Valley, California Author)

Jacqueline Widmar Stewart

A native of Beverly Shores, Indiana, Jacqueline Widmar Stewart earned a law degree from Stanford University, a Masters Degree in French from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and German from the University of Colorado.

The new French version of Jacqueline Widmar Stewart’s Parks and Gardens in Greater Paris book has been published in 2017. Her other books include Champagne Regained, Finding Slovenia: A Guide to Old Europe’s New Country, and The Glaciers’ Treasure Trove: A Field Guide to the Lake Michigan Riviera.

Co-founder of the educational non-profit corporation East Palo Alto Kids Foundation, she served as its president for ten years.