Parks and Gardens in Greater Paris

Parks and Gardens in Greater Paris
200 Pages
ISBN 978-3-86905-007-2

For over 350 years Parisians have preserved and designed phenomenal public outdoor spaces. In this book the author follows the fine-spun threads of the parklands tapestry in greater Paris. Identification of various hallmarks of premiere park-building eras – including the present one – imbues individual parks with multi-dimensional qualities and allows readers to experience these grand green places in the way Parisians do.

Longtime masters of merging beauty and function, innovative French visionaries have led the way in crafting enchanting settings conducive to contemplation as well as vigorous activities. Since the Tuileries first opened its doors to the public in 1667, and the forests of Fontainebleau became a nationally protected treasure in 1861, greater Paris has excelled in creating sublime natural spaces while fostering appreciation of arts and sciences.

Multiple layers of elements and themes are woven into the fabric of French parks. Reaching back as far as its earliest heritage, vestiges of the history of Paris are apparent in virtually all its parks, regardless of size. Even the balanced distribution of green spaces throughout the city reflects a major 19th century city-planning epoch and is still carried forward in current park development.

Also available in French translation.

Jacqueline Widmar Stewart

About Jacqueline Widmar Stewart (Silicon Valley, California Author)

Jacqueline Widmar Stewart

A native of Beverly Shores, Indiana, Jacqueline Widmar Stewart earned a law degree from Stanford University, a Masters Degree in French from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and German from the University of Colorado.

The new French version of Jacqueline Widmar Stewart’s Parks and Gardens in Greater Paris book has been published in 2017. Her other books include Champagne Regained, Finding Slovenia: A Guide to Old Europe’s New Country, and The Glaciers’ Treasure Trove: A Field Guide to the Lake Michigan Riviera.

Co-founder of the educational non-profit corporation East Palo Alto Kids Foundation, she served as its president for ten years.