Finding Slovenia – A Guide to Old Europe's New Country

Finding Slovenia
200 Pages
ISBN 9789610108511

A firsthand account from the third generation. Finding Slovenia draws upon the author’s own experience and study as well as a long familiarity with the country. Designed to provide the reader with an appreciation for the history, culture and landscape of a land that has been at the crossroads of time for the past 60,000 years, the book also gives the reader practical advice for hiking the Alps, rejuvenating at thermal spas, finding local specialties and planning castle-stays. Learning intertwines with enjoyment.

Jacqueline Stewart’s view in the upcoming Slovenia book is that of a native granddaughter. All four of the author’s grandparents emigrated from the Slovenian section of Yugoslavia at the turn of the 20th century, but it was not until 1967 that she returned to their homeland. Two years later she spent a year at the University in Ljubljana to study the Slovenian language. Since then she has returned regularly, watching the country gain its independence in 1991, entry to the European Union in 2004, and assuming EU leadership in 2008.

Jacqueline Widmar Stewart

About Jacqueline Widmar Stewart (Silicon Valley, California Author)

Jacqueline Widmar Stewart

A native of Beverly Shores, Indiana, Jacqueline Widmar Stewart earned a law degree from Stanford University, a Masters Degree in French from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and German from the University of Colorado.

The new French version of Jacqueline Widmar Stewart’s Parks and Gardens in Greater Paris book has been published in 2017. Her other books include Champagne Regained, Finding Slovenia: A Guide to Old Europe’s New Country, and The Glaciers’ Treasure Trove: A Field Guide to the Lake Michigan Riviera.

Co-founder of the educational non-profit corporation East Palo Alto Kids Foundation, she served as its president for ten years.