Tiara – A girl's search for her lost identity

246 Pages
ISBN 978-1986444354

This YA novel, inspired by a true story, begins on the night she was born, then fast-forwards 16 years.

Picture this: You're 16 and life is pretty sweet. You've got everything going for you: great parents, good friends, 4.6 GPA at a super high school, a sister, and a dog you adore. A bright future.

Then, within one week your life turns upside down. Your parents are killed in a car crash, your only relative, who's supposed to be your guardian bails on you and mega-shock, you find out you were adopted. In a flash you realize you're not who you thought you were. Just when you think it can't get any worse, you learn you're going to be a foster kid. Life as you know it is over.

Tiara, who experienced all of the above, vows to find her birth parents and recover her lost identity. Until that happens, she has to keep on keeping on.

Carol Petersen Purroy

About Carol Petersen Purroy (Reno, Nevada Author)

Carol Petersen Purroy

Carol is a woman of many talents and life experiences. She has traveled the world, had several careers, and stays busy learning new things and continuing to grow as a human being. She is mother to three sons and has one granddaughter.

She was born on a farm outside Fresno, California at the depth of the Great Depression -- now lives in Reno, Nevada, where she lectures on many subjects in various venues and teaches memoir writing.

In the interest of promoting literacy the a love of reading and books, she has a little free library in her front yard. She knits hundreds of hats a year for Reno's homeless population. She vows to continue these activities, as well as writing new books, as long as her fingers can work a keyboard or pair of knitting needles, and her voice can be heard.

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