The Genuine Article

The Genuine Article
255 Pages
ISBN 978-198-6444-67-5

The Genuine Article is the story of mistaken identity, betrayal, and revenge gone awry. It's also the story of love, both false and the genuine article.

Ashleigh is CEO of an international gem corporation. She's a whiz at running the business, a powerhouse in her community, and easy on the eyes, but she can't seem to get it right in the romance department. Her past keeps getting in the way of her present, and who knows about the future? Who the hell knows?

Ashleigh Alexander returns to Singapore to meet up with the man who did her wrong and "give as good as she'd got." It's taken more than three years to devise a payback plan, but she's on her way. The end will justify the means.

The Genuine Article is a book that will lift you out of today's troubles and take you for a heart-stopping and heartwarming adventure.

Carol Petersen Purroy

About Carol Petersen Purroy (Reno, Nevada Author)

Carol Petersen Purroy

Carol is a woman of many talents and life experiences. She has traveled the world, had several careers, and stays busy learning new things and continuing to grow as a human being. She is mother to three sons and has one granddaughter.

She was born on a farm outside Fresno, California at the depth of the Great Depression -- now lives in Reno, Nevada, where she lectures on many subjects in various venues and teaches memoir writing.

In the interest of promoting literacy the a love of reading and books, she has a little free library in her front yard. She knits hundreds of hats a year for Reno's homeless population. She vows to continue these activities, as well as writing new books, as long as her fingers can work a keyboard or pair of knitting needles, and her voice can be heard.

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