Quiet Desperation

Quiet Desperation
27 Pages
ISBN 9781593166397

Imagine for a moment, you’re Marcus Cooper.

A slick stranger meets you in a bar. You're drunk. You talk a lot. Without you realizing it, he’s learning about you. Your desire for money and women. By night’s end, he makes you a million-dollar proposition to cause a drunk-driving accident.

Sounds crazy to you?

Maybe, maybe not.

You’re out of work. Bills are piling up. You owe your bookie six grand. But mostly, you're twenty years removed from being the high school football hero you once were, doubting how much longer life is worth living.

Do you take the chance?

Alfred C. Martino

About Alfred C. Martino (North Jersey Author)

Alfred C. Martino

Alfred C. Martino is the author of three highly-acclaimed novels, "Perfected By Girls, "Over The End Line," and "Pinned." Mr. Martino was born and raised in Short Hills, NJ, and graduated from Millburn High School. He is a graduate of Duke University and The Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. He currently lives in Jersey City.