My Year of Living Dangerously

My Year of Living Dangerously
360 Pages
ISBN 9781543915822

Mandy Ryan’s To Do List:

~ Divorce lying, cheating rat bastard husband, Roger ~ Survive a year in a yurt ~ Write a book about it.

After an unfortunate incident in the Office Motel parking lot, MANDY RYAN takes a sabbatical from her position as wife, mother and government documents librarian.

In a remote area fifty miles from anywhere in any direction, she embraces the culture shock of life in a land with flash floods, rattlesnakes, mysterious planes in the night, and no Starbucks. As Mandy completes her To Do list, ’she discovers far more than she bargained for or can put in her book.

Danelle Hall

About Danelle Hall (Colorado Springs, Colorado Author)

Danelle Hall

My real life adventures (other than writing and being a mother) include a career as a librarian, a USO tour above the Arctic Circle in Greenland and a military plane ride along the southern coast of Iceland. I spent a month in Mexico studying Spanish, and traveled by rail for three weeks around Great Britain. My husband and I also followed an ancestor’s diary of his Civil War travels across the southern states and watched baby cranes being taught to follow the ultralight planes in order to learn how to migrate. When I can't go on a real adventure, there is nothing I like better than a good book that takes me somewhere else on a mental adventure.

The places authors take us in their books let us escape the ordinary and for a brief while live someone else's life--a vacation without ever leaving home. My greatest hope is that my books will provide that for my readers.

Current work in progress: THE HOUSE ON ALDERSON ROAD, the story of a young woman whose past is nothing like she believes it to be.

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