Going to see the Elephant – A Civil War Memoir

Going to see the Elephant
336 Pages
ISBN 9781617922015

My husband and I followed his great grandfather’s journal that he kept through the heart of the War of the Rebellion, from Missouri to Sherman’s March to the Sea, through the Carolinas to Washington, DC. and the end of the war. Trains and riverboats took my husband's ancestor home to his family in Missouri. For two people who had never given the Civil War much attention, this journey took over three lengthy trips and brought home to us the sheer numbers of casuallties and the scars still left on our country from this unfortunate conflict.

Danelle Hall

About Danelle Hall (Colorado Springs, Colorado Author)

Danelle Hall

My real life adventures (other than writing and being a mother) include a career as a librarian, a USO tour above the Arctic Circle in Greenland and a military plane ride along the southern coast of Iceland. I spent a month in Mexico studying Spanish, and traveled by rail for three weeks around Great Britain. My husband and I also followed an ancestor’s diary of his Civil War travels across the southern states and watched baby cranes being taught to follow the ultralight planes in order to learn how to migrate. When I can't go on a real adventure, there is nothing I like better than a good book that takes me somewhere else on a mental adventure.

The places authors take us in their books let us escape the ordinary and for a brief while live someone else's life--a vacation without ever leaving home. My greatest hope is that my books will provide that for my readers.

Current work in progress: THE HOUSE ON ALDERSON ROAD, the story of a young woman whose past is nothing like she believes it to be.