Mae's Revenge – The Mari Mort Theater Trilogy, Book 1

Mae's Revenge
120 Pages
ISBN ISBN-10: 154707874X ISBN-13: 978-1547078745

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players” As You Like It, Act II, Scene VI — William Shakespeare

The years: 1888-1900 The locations: Philadelphia, Deadwood, Council Bluffs, and Los Angeles The woman: Annie Mae Steinberg Her goal: Escape a hum-drum life to become an actress on the stage.

Things are never what they seem. And people follow suit. Known to her friends as Mae — Annie Mae Steinberg, a young Jewish woman from Philadelphia, is an adventurer and a dreamer who naively refuses to accept the status quo. Her dream to become an actress never fades as life nudges, and sometimes shoves her forward. Mae travels from the Atlantic to the Pacific, learning lessons from the sort of people she never expected to meet, a lifestyle she never envisioned, and a death she never planned. Will she ever return home?

The House lights dim...the foot lamps are ablaze. Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats. The curtain is about to go up.

L.C. Bennett Stern

About L.C. Bennett Stern (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Author)

L.C. Bennett Stern

Middle child in a family of nine. Wife, and mother of two - a daughter and a son. Very interested in family history. Loves doing research for her writing. Enjoys photographing birds, nature, and people—in that order.

Linda happily shares life in southern New Jersey with her husband, a fellow writer. As she puts it: “Life at our house is very, very quiet – except for the occasional annoying bark of our Wheaten Terrier, Katie Scarlett, and the hum of two very busy computers.”

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