Bosses and Blackjacks – A Tale of the "Bloody Fifth" in Philadelphia

Award Winning Finalist in the non-fiction/true crime category of the 2017 International Book Awards.

Based on true events... Politics in Philadelphia is a rough game...has been since the time of Ben Franklin. But when political murder takes place in the Fifth Ward (home to the Liberty Bell) on primary Election Day in 1917, it sparks outrage—not just in Philadelphia, but throughout the nation.

WWI now shares headlines across the country with the sensational trial in the “City of Brotherly Love.” Police Lieutenant David Bennett is arrested, along with Mayor Smith and others in the powerful Vare brothers’ political machine, for conspiracy to commit murder and election rigging.

It's all here—Love, friendship, greed, betrayal, power struggles, and murder! Find out—Who imported New York's "Frog Hollow Gang?" Who murdered a special detective on primary day? Who is really in charge in "The Bloody Fifth?"

L.C. Bennett Stern

About L.C. Bennett Stern (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Author)

L.C. Bennett Stern

Middle child in a family of nine. Wife, and mother of two - a daughter and a son. Very interested in family history. Loves doing research for her writing. Enjoys photographing birds, nature, and people—in that order.

Linda happily shares life in southern New Jersey with her husband, a fellow writer. As she puts it: “Life at our house is very, very quiet – except for the occasional annoying bark of our Wheaten Terrier, Katie Scarlett, and the hum of two very busy computers.”

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