I Remember New Orleans and Other Treasures – A Memoir

I Remember New Orleans and Other Treasures
81 Pages
ISBN 1981192786

Who wouldn’t like to find a place where treasure is buried? With instructions for finding that place? There is such a place as described in one of the short stories in this book.

The reader will also open a treasure chest filled with memorable characters and places from the author's past. The places include favorite places in her native state of Louisiana: New Orleans, Cajun Country and Natchitoches, along with a relatively unknown but unforgettable national park called Kisatchie. Another story unravels the mystery of the Louisiana "Cajuns"... who they are, where they come from and how they settled in Louisiana. There is also an eclectic collection of stories that will capture your heart.

Gerry Lites Watkins

About Gerry Lites Watkins (Fort Worth, Texas Author)

Gerry Lites Watkins

Gerry Lites Watkins wrote and published hundreds of articles on travel, culture and history for more than 27 years. During the early days of the internet she was one of the first travel journalists to establish online travel magazines. Her magazines, Trails West, Sundancer's West and Travel Destinations lasted for ten years and reached hundreds of thousands of readers.

Mrs. Watkins served as vice president for National Association for Travel Journalists. She and her husband, a photographer, traveled to many countries and across the Americas during those years.

Gerry Lites Watkins is now retired and writing books.