The Year They Stole Mama's Turkeys

The Year They Stole Mama's Turkeys
130 Pages
ISBN 9781546585541

When the Okies came clattering into Wesley West's yard in their dilapidated old Model A Ford with all their worldly possessions tied to its frame, the Wests had to make a decision. The Great depression was at its peak, and now and then someone stole from one of the residents of Cedar Creek, in Falls County, Texas.

They would wreak havoc in his life for the time she lived in the West barn before moving on. Should they befriend the newcomers?

Esther West depended on the 300 turkeys she raised to see them through the hard economic times. When the time came to sell them, the turkeys had disappeared. Who stole the turkeys?

Some people know nothing of the Great Depression. Others only know from the movie, "Bonnie and Clyde." There were hundreds of other stories that don't relate at all to the movie, and this is one of the best.

Gerry Lites Watkins

About Gerry Lites Watkins (Fort Worth, Texas Author)

Gerry Lites Watkins

Gerry Lites Watkins wrote and published hundreds of articles on travel, culture and history for more than 27 years. During the early days of the internet she was one of the first travel journalists to establish online travel magazines. Her magazines, Trails West, Sundancer's West and Travel Destinations lasted for ten years and reached hundreds of thousands of readers.

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