How to Survive an Active Shooter – What You do Before, During and After an Attack Could Save Your Life

How to Survive an Active Shooter
177 Pages
ISBN 978-1941826232

Would you know what to do if someone started shooting? The number of active shooter incidents—that is, when someone with a firearm is attempting to kill others in mass numbers—is on the rise. Knowing what to do before, during and after such an attack could save your life and the lives of others. Find out:

What you should do when someone starts shooting

What you can do if escape isn’t possible

Why it’s dangerous to keep your cell phone with you

What a kill box is and how to avoid being in one

How to defend yourself against an active shooter

Why playing dead can get you killed

What weapons, other than firearms, attackers are using

How to protect a house of worship

What you should do before and after law enforcement arrives

Jacquelyn Lynn interviews a terrorism and security expert who provides those answers and more.

Jacquelyn Lynn

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Jacquelyn Lynn

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