Chocolate and Sensibility

Chocolate and Sensibility
80 Pages

This novella will transport you to the tropics. Read on your lunch break and finish it on your afternoon coffee break.

Her logic says go.

Her heart says stay.

When a Food Network TV crew arrives at Ocino Cacao Plantation, life in this tropical paradise is turned upside down. Ph.D scientist, Sophia Perkins, the plantation's logical horticulturist, faces a life changing decision that could take her away from her beloved Amazon rainforest and the man she has come to realize she loves, Luis Ocino. For Luis Ocino, life revolves around the cherished rainforest he grew up in, and the brilliant Sophia, his lifelong best friend. When his friendship turns to love, he struggles with his feelings and the desire to keep her close.

Zelda Benjamin

About Zelda Benjamin (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Author)

Zelda Benjamin

Zelda Benjamin writes sweet sassy romance. She is the author of the Love By Chocolate series.

A long time resident of South Florida, she grew up in Brooklyn, NY. Most of her books are set in colorful Brooklyn neighborhoods. She loves to travel, to bake and to visit Disney.