249 Pages
ISBN 9781541266810

CHISAGO CREEK is the latest book from Dan Kubicek and Dan Allex mysteries.

This Minnesota mystery starts with the excavation of a marsh that is designed to reclaim more useable land for a townhouse development. Grisly results that are unearthed paint a grim picture for local authorities.

When a detective agency from Las Vegas is called in by the local sheriff to help, the suspects are systematically eliminated while the serial killer still is stalking his victims.

Dan Allex (Kubicek)

About Dan Allex (Kubicek) (Austin, Minnesota Author)

Dan Allex (Kubicek)

Dan Kubicek writes under the name Dan Allex. He was born in Austin, Minnesota, and graduated from Pacelli High School.

Dan graduated from NDSU, Fargo, N.D., in 1970 from the School of Pharmacy. After retiring in 2010 he started writing mystery stories using the synonym Dan Allex.

He is self publishing and his nine books are available as e-books and also printed versions.

For more information about Dan, Dan Allex mysteries, and how to get a copy go to or visit Sweet Reads, my favorite hometown bookstore in Austin, Minn.