Both Sides of Broken

Both Sides of Broken
370 Pages
Plotline Leadership
ISBN 978-0986064654

It’s hard to stop a hitman from killing your father. It’s even harder when you’re dead. Jonathan Holiday and his two brothers are desperate for money. Their comatose father has it, but his hospital meter is ticking away. In an effort to save themselves, the three arrange to have the abusive old man murdered.

After hiring the killer, Jonathan has a change of heart. Unfortunately, he also has a suspicious accident. Now he must battle back from a series of “After-Earths” to convince his self-absorbed, cash-strapped brothers to stop a supernatural hit man from doing his job. Both Sides of Broken is a story about defeating demons – those of this life, those in the next, and most importantly, those within ourselves.

Tim Toterhi

About Tim Toterhi (Durham, North Carolina Author)

Tim Toterhi

Tim Toterhi is a blue-jeans kind of guy. He likes rainy nights, top down days, and sipping good wine with cool people. He believes in soulmates, sad songs, and learning through the lifetimes.

Tim’s fiction has been described as part philosophical adventure, part paranormal crime, with just the right amount of offbeat humor. His works include:

  • Both Sides of Broken

  • Lunches with Larry

  • Two Minutes Too Late: Stories of Lost Love and Missed Opportunities

  • The Amazing and Somewhat Sarcastic Tad

By day Tim is a CHRO and founder of Plotline Leadership, a consultancy that provides Executive Coaching, HR Consulting, and Message Management services. His latest nonfiction work is entitled, The Introvert’s Guide to Job Hunting: How to Outshine the Competition. Learn more at or