Two Minutes Too Late – Stories of Lost Love and Missed Opportunities

Two Minutes Too Late
174 Pages
Plotline Leadership
ISBN 978-0986064609

Looking back, I’m amazed at how much of my youth was spent in an apathetic, egocentric daze. Sure, I did things, but mostly I just thought about doing things…someday when everything was just so.

It never happened, of course. There was always a monkey in the wrench of life preventing me from making real that which I saw so clearly in my mind’s eye. And so I waited as my introverted childhood was slowly and completely encapsulated by fruitless daydreams. I never fought the bully. I never even raised my voice.

Adolescence was easier I guess, but only because I knew the game. As a bumbling wealth of impotent romance, I never once acted on the yearnings in my heart. I practiced lines I never tried, wrote songs I never sang, and gazed endlessly into mirrors that could do nothing more than serve a bitter slice of truth. I missed the prom. I missed the point. And I missed the boat on a number of friendships that, like so many things, are now gone forever. Two minutes too late. It’s a small saying with a big price tag.

If you’ve been there – and who hasn’t? – you know what it’s like to ache for a do over, knowing full well if the wish were somehow granted it would forever change the person you’ve become. Two Minutes Two Late is a collection of stories detailing the missteps of a hapless romantic. From career blunders and criminal exploits to dating debacles to goodbyes unsaid, it reminds us that while follies happen to the best of us, the future is unwritten and ours to explore.

Tim Toterhi

About Tim Toterhi (Durham, North Carolina Author)

Tim Toterhi

Tim Toterhi is a blue-jeans kind of guy. He likes rainy nights, top down days, and sipping good wine with cool people. He believes in soulmates, sad songs, and learning through the lifetimes.

Tim’s fiction has been described as part philosophical adventure, part paranormal crime, with just the right amount of offbeat humor. His works include:

  • Both Sides of Broken

  • Lunches with Larry

  • Two Minutes Too Late: Stories of Lost Love and Missed Opportunities

  • The Amazing and Somewhat Sarcastic Tad

By day Tim is a CHRO and founder of Plotline Leadership, a consultancy that provides Executive Coaching, HR Consulting, and Message Management services. His latest nonfiction work is entitled, The Introvert’s Guide to Job Hunting: How to Outshine the Competition. Learn more at or