Anchored in Misty Lake – Book Four in the Misty Lake Series

Anchored in Misty Lake
400 Pages
ISBN 978-1986277457

Shauna McCabe has lived her life in the shadow of four older brothers, trying to keep up while trying to make her own mark. Now, with all her brothers married, nieces and nephews on the scene, and a family that seems to grow every day, she feels like an outsider looking in. Needing to stretch her wings, to have something that’s all her own, she develops a sure-fire plan.

Cortland Mackenzie is used to getting what he wants. A wealthy businessman from a powerful family, Cort has his sights set on Misty Lake, but his plans have him on a collision course with Shauna.

Amidst heartbreak and secrets, Shauna and Cort navigate a bumpy road that takes them from Misty Lake to New York City and finally to a decision that will determine their fates.

Margaret Standafer

About Margaret Standafer (Twin Cities, Minnesota Author)

Margaret Standafer

Margaret Standafer is the author of four clean, romantic suspense novels in the Misty Lake Series.

Margaret was born, raised, and still resides in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. After years spent in perpetual motion juggling a family and a career and loving every minute of it, she found herself with time on her hands after her youngest left for college. Finally heeding her husband’s subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) hints, she grabbed the laptop and started putting some of the stories that had been alive and well—but relegated to a small spot in the recesses of her mind—down on paper. The outcome of that endeavor was her first published novel, Misty Lake. 

With the support of her amazing and understanding husband as well as her amazing and somewhat understanding kids, and in spite of the lack of support from her ever-demanding Golden Retriever, Margaret has completed three more books in the series, The Inn at Misty Lake, Misty Lake in Focus, and Anchored in Misty Lake. She is currently hard at work on the next installment of the series, Sunset over Misty Lake.

It is Margaret's sincere hope that you enjoy her writing.