A Year of Healing Scriptures

We are told to draw close to the Lord, to write His words upon our hearts to protect us from the evils of this world; I wrote this one-year devotional to aid you in this task. Write His words upon your heart, as you walk the narrow path to the Kingdom of God.

Timothy A. King

About Timothy A. King (Chattanooga, Tennessee Author)

Timothy A. King

Born in Northern California at the end of the 60’s, Timothy King wandered through life without a real purpose or meaning; that is until he met his wife, Mary and they moved to the great town of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Together Tim and Mary grew in their love of the Lord, and from there, a new life has begun. Through this new life, Tim found himself yearning to create and express his love for his Savior through the written word.

Timothy has written three books now, a 90-day devotional, a full year devotional, and a full-length novel, 'The Bunker: Eleven Down'. Presently, Timothy is working on the sequel to 'The Bunker: Eleven Down', and is working on a healing devotional his awesome sister has asked him to write.