The Bunker – Eleven Down

The Bunker
324 Pages
ISBN 1947072374

Twelve students sign on for a two-week study where they will be entirely isolated underground, all they have to do is just coexist and perform minimal survival tasks. Two weeks; what can happen in two little weeks? Well, with the military behind the ‘study,' anything can happen, especially when North Korean terrorists are planning a nuclear attack on America at the same time the Bunker crew is farming underground.

Come and join Hank, Roger, Anthony, and the rest of the Bunker crew as they learn to interact as a family through some of the scariest and most tense times of their young lives while the world above heads straight into a terror that is beyond comprehension. Will Roger’s faith in God be strong enough to hold them all together, or will the fear of the unknown tear them all apart?

The Bunker: Eleven Down, is a Christian based suspense novel centered on the events of today – both seen, and unseen. Come and step into the world of suspense, intrigue, mystery, comedy, a smidgen of romance, and a healthy dose of faith to get you to the end … or is it the end?

Timothy A. King

About Timothy A. King (Chattanooga, Tennessee Author)

Timothy A. King

Born in Northern California at the end of the 60’s, Timothy King wandered through life without a real purpose or meaning; that is until he met his wife, Mary and they moved to the great town of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Together Tim and Mary grew in their love of the Lord, and from there, a new life has begun. Through this new life, Tim found himself yearning to create and express his love for his Savior through the written word.

Timothy has written three books now, a 90-day devotional, a full year devotional, and a full-length novel, 'The Bunker: Eleven Down'. Presently, Timothy is working on the sequel to 'The Bunker: Eleven Down', and is working on a healing devotional his awesome sister has asked him to write.