Young Luv

Young Luv
ISBN 1508920656

Ra’Keisha is hot, and she’s well aware of it. With curves in all the right places, she knows how to get attention from men—and what to do with it once she gets it. Ra’Keisha loves sleeping around, and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her.

But when Ra’Keisha meets T, there’s something about him that makes her want to trade the attention from all her other men for more love from him. And, for a while, it seems like he feels the same way about her.

When Ra’Keisha gets pregnant with T’s baby, she thinks they’ll make a perfect little family. She loves T and believes what he tells her.

Shardae Scott

About Shardae Scott (Cleveland, Ohio Author)

Shardae Scott

Shardae was born in Lorain, Ohio, and was raised by a single mother. Shardae, her younger brother, and her baby sister never went without anything.

Shardae gave birth to her own son while still a senior in high school. Due to the challenges of raising a child, she did not graduate with her class and considered giving up on earning her diploma.

After a year of working to support herself and her small child, Shardae decided it was time to go back to school and set a good example for her son. She overcame the challenges of returning to classes, earned her diploma, and even attended some college courses.

Shardae currently works in the dietary department at a hospital. She loves doing what she does, but she knows that she will do more soon.