Triangle:False Mirror

Triangle:False Mirror
388 Pages
Perfect Impressions
ISBN 0985811536

Imagine if Clive Cussler and Spider Robinson sat down with a cup of coffee and decided to write adventure thrillers together, featuring an unlikely pair of heroes thrown in among stone-cold killers, a shadowy organization whose real motives are unclear and devices that could literally start Doomsday. That’s TRIANGLE: FALSE MIRROR, the first novel in the TRIANGLE series from novelist D. G. Speirs.

Steve Tate and Amy Rogers are Talents – people gifted with extraordinary abilities forged from personal tragedy. Each thinks they are alone and unique, until the day their paths cross in the Bahamas and Steve discovers the tragic link between Amy's fate and a devastating loss from his own past.

That link turns out to be part of a much larger conflict – a fight led by TRIANGLE, an organization working on the margins and in the shadows of society to keep humanity safe. The stakes are raised when the person responsible for both Steve and Amy's tragedies sets their sights on False Mirror, a device capable of causing chaos and destruction on a global scale.

Now Steve and Amy must quickly learn to work together as their pursuit takes them across the globe, from the deserts of New Mexico to the waters San Francisco Bay, from the beaches of the Caribbean to the streets of Tokyo, and from deep underground to the very edge of space itself. But even as they draw closer to their quarry, they find that this person might hold the key to an even greater mystery - who they truly are.

D. G. Speirs

About D. G. Speirs (Tampa Bay, Florida Author)

D. G. Speirs

Born in New York and raised in California, D. G. Speirs has been a traveler all his life. He graduated top of his class from the Naval Nuclear Power School and served in the US Navy for over a decade. He traveled the world, coaching American Rules Football in Australia, modeling for Issey Miyake in Japan, playing Santa Claus for an NFL team in front of a stadium full of fans, and making t-shirts for fans of a certain animated television show in Germany (yes, she can still do anything). He’s owned his own marketing firm, and been on a national consulting board that assisted other entrepreneurs. He’s been a public speaker, board-member of a local Chamber of Commerce, Rotarian of the Year, a retiree, a family man, and a performer of some sort for over four decades. In other words, a pretty average guy with an IQ of 154.

He’s written blogs about Walt Disney World, about life in general, and for the last three years a daily inspirational one that draws wisdom from the intersection of lessons in Eastern philosophy with those taught on a show about candy-colored ponies, pegasi and unicorns. He’s a connoisseur of fedoras, bow ties, and black cherry soda, and believes there’s always a better story out there, even if you just have to make it up yourself.

D.G.’s currently resides in Florida at Storyteller’s Crib with his cats, Houdini and Sissy. To find out more about future books and appearances by Mr. Speirs, visit his website, You can also follow him on Twitter (@DGSpeirs), Facebook, and Goodreads.