The Time Doctor Takes a Vacation

The Time Doctor Takes a Vacation
76 Pages
ISBN 978-1519677594

Begin your journey now to a fantastic future, free from the rules of the world we believe to be real. Invoke the Spirit of Imagination as you visit the Time Shop and meet Archibald Ben Dillon, a Master of Time. Using the powers of mind, he can create the future, heal the past, and transform the very essence and nature of time itself.

When a mysterious Lady approaches the Time Master with an urgent plea to save the Earth from destruction, he takes a vacation from his own lifetime and travels to the year 2255 searching for answers to bring back to his Home Time. Along the way, he discovers mental habits he needs to break, surrenders his identity and discovers who he has always been in time and out of time. He returns to Earth a new man.

Tarra Light

About Tarra Light (Ashland, Oregon Author)

Tarra Light

Tarra Light is an inspired author, artist, and visionary for the times to come. She writes teaching stories that impart spiritual and metaphysical understanding—stories that heal the heart and open the mind to new ways of seeing. Tarra believes that animals have much to teach us about living on the Earth. Psychic cats play starring roles in her stories. The sudden death of her beloved cat Tiger became the catalyst that initiated her career as a writer. To heal her grief and honor his life, she wrote Cats Can Save the World, a trilogy based on her adventures with her cats as the twists of fate plunge them into unforeseen circumstances.

Book One, "The Princess of Freedom," teaches children values to set humanity on a course to a healthier future. Book Two, "Cats, Ghosts and Gremlets," exposes hidden influences that are keeping humanity from being free. What is happening below the level of conscious awareness that is undermining our power of choice?

A past life regression became the impetus for writing "Angel of Auschwitz." By accessing her soul memory, she was able to recall in vivid detail her lifetime as Natasza Pelinski, a Jewish girl taken prisoner to Auschwitz. Natasza becomes the leader of a team of healers who risk their lives to care for their sick and wounded comrades. As we approach the end of an Age, "Angel of Auschwitz" serves to free humanity from the grip of the past by releasing the imprint of trauma from the collective consciousness.

"The Time Doctor Takes a Vacation" is of particular interest to the light-bearers and way-showers who want to create a future in alignment with their hearts. The Time Doctor has developed the creative powers of his mind to become a Master of Time. He travels to the year 2255 searching for answers in the future to bring back to his home time to save the Earth from destruction.

Tarra lives in Ashland, Oregon, with her cats Katie and Bhakti. She dedicates her life to healing the Earth, opening human hearts and awaking all souls to God’s eternal love. Please visit her website All books are for sale on Amazon.