The Piano Player – A Supernatural Thriller Short Story

The Piano Player
43 Pages
ISBN 9781370299690

World famous musician Mike Jonas broke a promise. Greek muse of music, Euterpe, gave him fame and fortune in return for his complete devotion. When a new love enters his life, Euterpe strikes. She kidnaps Mike’s fiancée Megan and threatens her life unless Mike proves that he still belongs to her. In his quest to fulfill Euterpe’s test, Mike is shaken to his core and all he holds as true is questioned.

Russell J. Fellows

About Russell J. Fellows (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Author)

Russell J. Fellows

Russell J. Fellows is a writer whose work includes multiple genres, but with one consistent focus: Hope. He has published several short stories with online magazines Ray Gun Revival and Bohemian Alien, and with the print anthology Thousand Faces. Recently, he self-published his short stories The Piano Player and Yanka and the Dragons.

Russell’s desire is simply to bring hope through story. The world is full of pain, fear, and hate, but it doesn’t have to be. With the powerful vehicle of story, hope can transform the life of a person, or an entire community.

A Little More Personal:

You can call me Russ.

I am a bad joke teller. Really bad joke teller. Just ask my wife and kids. The worst part is, I do it on purpose. Sometimes, you need a bad joke to make a good day.

I like to think of myself as a storyteller. I can, as far as I can tell, do this marginally better than telling jokes.

I have always loved a good story, but never really appreciated how it can shape the way we look at the world.

While I had some success with short stories, it wasn’t until I took a break from writing that I understood why I want to write.

During that break, I achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and a Master’s in Christian Apologetics. I pursued them, because of my passion for truth and for the person of Jesus. And I thought maybe I would like to do something with that passion. Something good in this world.

Naturally, I did nothing. At least, I didn’t do what I thought I should have done. But, I ignored what I was really made to do. What was in my blood, in my soul, to do.


For a long time, I looked at this world and saw the pain and fear and hate. And I lamented it. That was the extent of my action.

But, then I remembered something. I remembered why I love a good book. Why I love a good story.

Because they are more than mere words on a page. They are a vehicle for change and challenge and comfort. In short, they are a vehicle for hope.

And so here I am. I write. I write to tell stories of fun and adventure. I write to tell stories that dance with your imagination.

I write to tell stories that remind us all that there is always hope.

And Hope Never Fails.

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