The Awakening – Part One

They told you that were-creatures were a myth, creatures of legends and folklore. Hollywood movie magic and fantasy. Well the world is about to find out they were wrong…

Two millennia ago, a bloody civil war was fought between druids who believed that civilization must be destroyed to save nature, and those that didn’t. Lycanthropes were created to help fight that war, and the first Trues were born. Now, four individuals, bloodline descendants of those original Lycans have that same power, awakened within them by an ancient spell.

Clint, an orphan from Chicago, frightened by apparent blackouts that have him waking next to mangled corpses of animals. With no memory of the events, he soon learns they are the result of new awakened powers he wants nothing to do with.

Kat has spent every moment since turning eighteen learning to fight. Her parents know all about her legacy as a lycanthrope and the potential for her to be called upon and have done everything they could to prepare her, but was it enough?

Blain, a London thug, tough and vicious. Awakened to his new powers he quickly learns to use them to his advantage. Caring nothing for the Druids and their war, he does, however, care for the power it might bring.

Shae, abandoned by her parents and living with her foster mother, she soon learns there are worse things than abandonment and only her awakening will help her.

Will they learn to control these abilities when the fate of civilization lies in the balance?

Michael Timmins

About Michael Timmins (Toledo, Ohio Author)

Michael Timmins

Michael Timmins currently resides in Toledo, Ohio with his wife and two awesome boys. He was born in Sylvania, a suburb of Toledo and has lived in the area all of his life. An avid reader of Fantasy books since a child his first dip into writing was creating campaigns for his D&D group. His writing and creativity impressed his fellow players and he was inspired to start writing fantasy. He started writing the first book of the Lycan War Saga over a decade ago, and after many starts and stops finally finished it.