The 23rd. Day – It can't happen here again... until it does

The 23rd. Day
363 Pages
ISBN 9781976458156


When Mark Landre experienced The Beltway Sniper Murder spree firsthand, little did he know that over 20 years later he would discover a similar terrorist plan. BUT NOW ON STEROIDS!

When sniper shootings begin to take place throughout small communities in the USA, the similarities go undetected by the local law enforcement agencies. One very simple conversation begins a search that ends up identifying the plan. The leader of the plan had developed a foolproof, undetectable method for direction of the sleepers now being activated to a sniper status. The targets of the terrorists are purely random, there is no tie to race, age, profession or activity.

Unless stopped immediately, the entire USA is in jeopardy of random murders. Due to a small error by the terrorists leader; the plan is discovered, this is the rest of the story, or is it?

R E Markland II

About R E Markland II (The Villages, Florida Author)

R E Markland II

I grew up in the state of Missouri and upon graduation from Washington University in St. Louis, was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Army Security Agency Branch of the US Army. This resulted in assignment to many different postings, the last being the 52nd US Army Security Agency Special Operations Command. After serving my commitment I returned to a 30 year stint in our family electrical construction business.

I have worked in private practice as a Professional Engineer and have many varied experiences with the Department of the Army, Department of Labor, and Department of Commerce.

My wife and I have moved many times since the mid 1990’s and have lived in Raleigh North Carolina, Waldorf Maryland, Mount Vernon Virginia, Des Peres, Town and Country and Chesterfield Missouri, and The Villages Florida. We have lived in eleven different homes in the last twenty-six years and we are very skilled at packing and unpacking.

While living in The Villages Florida I became very involved in The True Crime Book Club, and also had much enjoyment in the art of watercolor painting. My skills as a golfer need a little polishing, but it is a very enjoyable pastime.

As a co-leader of the 125-member True Crime Book Club, I was reading one true crime book per month for five plus years. I became aware that I to had lived through a major crime spree, The Beltway Sniper Murders. This prompted placing those memories into a written format, which caused me to think about the possibilities of the same tactics being used by a sinister group of terrorists. As an end result the book “The 23rd. Day” developed and was first printed in January of 2018.