Temporary Assignments – Wisdom For Reinventing Your Life and Pursuing Your Purpose

Life is about change. That change is critical to both your success and well-being. Often, the tension in change is to know what needs to be changed and what needs to remain the same.

Additionally, much of what we’ve seen about life change involves stress, drama, and distraction. The spiritual, emotional, mental, and professional intensity of change – the process of reinvention and transition – requires skill, awareness, maturity, and wisdom. What you should change is closely connected to your life purpose and pursuing that purpose is a process that must be navigated with great understanding. Because our life purpose isn’t a decision but a process of discovery, we also discover that much of our purpose is revealed through both memories and missteps. Redeeming the value of these moments is critical to your personal, professional, and relational success.

Many of today’s available life change and personal reinvention resources are long on encouragement and motivation, but short on practical insight and wisdom, with real life stories of personal reinvention, that’s all based on scripture. Using the life of the Apostle Peter as a reference, this resource aims to be that bridge of inspiration, information, and transformation.

Christopher J Harris

About Christopher J Harris (Tampa Bay, Florida Author)

Christopher J Harris

Christopher J Harris, a wisdom teacher, life strategist, and purpose pusher, has developed a lengthy reputation as a relevant Pastor, efficient executive, and skilled teacher of scripture and its wise application to life. Having written for a number of national platforms, including Church Central, Streaming Faith, Gospel Today, and a host of other blogs and aggregate social mediums, as well as, co-authored a previous work titled, Embracing The Next Dimension, he has served in ministries, non-profits, and educational institutions for two decades.

Harris has had the privilege to have spoken to diverse audiences, both large and small, for the past twenty-five years. He now pens his own literary works to encourage, inspire, and engage the every day person in putting the pieces of their life together to discover how to reinvent themselves for every season of life that they may face, while not losing themselves or forfeiting their divine assignment.

His ultimate goal is to provide tools for inspiration and wisdom for life. Harris shared his life work with his wife and three children.