Sunburned – The Solar Flare that Silenced the Internet

300 Pages
ISBN 9780985808129

Earth has just fourteen hours warning before a solar superstorm disables all technology worldwide and forces highly connected people to adapt to a new world without electricity. This stylish, modern adventure by Jake Blake will have you wondering if technology is a blessing or a curse as we follow characters in New York City, London, Mecca, Afghanistan, China, the International Space Station and small-town life in Washington. Sunburned: The Solar Flare that Silenced the Internet is available in paperback and e-book from Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Google Play and iTunes Books. Visit for more information.

Jake Blake

About Jake Blake (Lewis County, Washington Author)

Jake Blake

Jake Blake is a science fiction writer who lives in the United States of America in the small town of Toledo, Washington. His first novel "Sunburned: The Solar Flare that Silenced the Internet" imagines a worldwide, geomagnetic storm like the 1859 Carrington Event striking our modern, highly connected world and crippling all technology. "This Too Shall Collapse" continues the story and follows the same characters from "Sunburned," but the real story is about how people react to life-changing events. The ways in which we deal with failure and difficult challenges reveal our true character. Some will reach out and others will withdraw, but the people who can change and grow, who can learn to work together and see past our differences to find our common humanity will fix the world.

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