Sibling Rivalry – The Askinar Towers, book 2

Sibling Rivalry
262 Pages

Zombies, Ogres, and Trolls...oh my! Sara and Erika continue their search for the legendary fifth tower, but many problems begin to surface. Their main problem being...each other! Sibling rivalry rears its ugly head, putting the sisters at odds with each other. So much so that they go to war!

But now, the robed figure is closing in on the girls and the key. He is becoming more involved in the girls' plans and will almost anything to obtain his objective. Can the sisters put aside their differences, hold off the shapeshifter, and continue to find a way into the fifth tower? If not, they will wander the towers forever.

Christopher Mentzer

About Christopher Mentzer (Phoenix, Arizona Author)

Christopher Mentzer

Christopher Mentzer has been interested in story writing since 1982, but it wasn’t until 2005 that he took it seriously. Upon entering his first NaNoWriMo competition, he wrote the foundation of his first Fantasy novel, Nexus of the Worlds. This was followed by book 2 in 2007 and book 3 in 2009. The entire trilogy, The Askinar Towers, is available on

He has since expanded his writing skills with a few short stories of a unique nature, plus a collection of fictional blog entries from a waiter in a cafe which was featured in his fantasy trilogy. He has since created a book featuring those blog entries and a collection of brand new entries not seen online. The book, Happy to Serve, is now avaliable for purchase.

Chris has been working in the retail industry since 1996 and obtains a lot of ideas from his work environment. When he is not writing stories, he is stalking the internet, and reading novels of fellow indie authors, and expressing himself in poetry.