Self Publish Your Own Book – Make it a Best Seller

Self Publish Your Own Book
124 Pages
ISBN 978-1515201939

Everyone has a book in them, most just don't know how to get it out. I have talked to countless people that have good ideas for books and some that even have that book written and saved in a Microsoft Word document. The thing is they are lost as to the next step. The vast majority of people are unaware that new technology exists that allow ANYONE to publish a book. This book was written to share the simple techniques that get your book published with little to no money out of pocket. Imagine being able to publish your book with NO REJECTIONS, NO EXPERIENCE and LITTLE TO NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE. The value of having a published book is incredible . It opens avenues for you to be recognized as a thought leader in your industry. It gives credibility to you as a Transformational Thought Leader. It makes you an instant credible source to be cited and referenced. Speaking opportunities open up and income streams are increased and heightened. in short being a published author makes you the go to guy. Imagine what being a Best Selling Author would mean. Multiply what we just said by ten or even 1000 and you get the picture. You will Dominate your industry and your passion. The ABS System allows you to do just that. Publish your Book AND become a Best Selling Author. The ABS (Automatic Best Seller) System was designed for the novice who wants a published book. It was also created for the professional that needs a Best Selling book to allow him to gain a competitive edge and soon dominate his industry. Are you a Speaker, Coach, Businessman or Pastor that wants to gain credibility and recognition? Then this book is for you. Even if you feel that you just want to write a book and earn the recognition that comes with doing that then this book is for you. Our simple to follow blueprint shows you how to go from no book to being a Best Selling Author in as little as one week.

Johnny "MACKnificent" Mack

About Johnny "MACKnificent" Mack (Dallas, Texas Author)

Johnny "MACKnificent" Mack

Johnny "MACKnificent" Mack is the author of 15 books and has helped over 40 other authors publish best selling nooks. Johnny is the founder and CEO of Self Published Authors Network. He has degrees from Skadron College of business and California Baptist University.

Johnny is an author, speaker, coach, and entrepreneur. He has excelled in the sales arena in automobiles and education. His training and motivational programs have been received with critical acclaim across the country. Recently his bestselling book Self Publish Your Own Book was selected by the English department at a community college as required reading.