Retiring In Florida – An Essential Guide For Seniors Planning To Retire In The Sunshine State

Retiring In Florida
110 Pages
ISBN 9781495985447

My first book titled “Retiring In Florida”; subtitled; An Essential Guide For Seniors Planning To Retire In The Sunshine State, covers everything seniors need to know about Florida living, including: location information; weather threats; bugs & critters; home construction and maintenance; and fun things to do (besides going to Disney).

The book is a great reference manual for seniors in northern states and Canada desiring to relocate to Florida on a part-time or full-time basis. The book contains information about selecting the best place to live and how to better enjoy your property after you move in. Book is available on Amazon Books.

Questions answered in the book include:

Where do I want to retire? What kinds of homes are available? How do I maintain a Florida home? How do I grow grass? What kind of golf cart should I buy? Do I need golf cart insurance? What the hell is Pickleball? Where can I get golf lessons? What senior services are available? What Veteran services are available? What do I need to know if I become a snowbird? What do I need to know if I elect to rent out my home?

Richard Cardillo

About Richard Cardillo (The Villages, Florida Author)

Richard Cardillo

Rich Cardillo lives in Florida with his soul mate Betty. He retired from the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies in 2001 and relocated from Seattle, Washington to a large adult community in Central Florida.

Rich’s first book titled “Retiring In Florida” was published in 2014 and deals with all aspects of retirement living in the Sunshine State. The book is available from Amazon Books.

Rich’s second book titled “Golf For Hackers” was published in 2016. It is intended for the millions of golfers who play the game for fun and includes all of the tips Rich learned from playing golf in Florida for 15 years. The book contains helpful information about the best type of clubs to use and the best way to use them. Readers will enjoy the humor the book offers along with the funniest golf jokes they’ll ever hear. The book is available from Amazon Books and Barnes & Noble Books Web sites.

Rich’s third book titled “Words From The Heart” was published in 2017 and contains all of the love statements he gave to his wife during their 37 years of marriage. The book is available from Amazon Books.