Find the Fire – Ignite Your Inspiration and Make Work Exciting Again

Find the Fire
246 Pages
ISBN 978-0-8144-3822-0

Has your passion at work waned? If so, you're far from alone - research shows that 70% of us have lost that lovin' feeling. But most make the mistake of waiting around for inspiration to occur like a lightning strike. And there is a misconception that inspiration is a mysterious force preserved for visits to monks in the mountains of Tibet.

The truth is, inspiration can be codified and coaxed. You can create the conditions where inspiration is much more likely to occur.

It starts by knowing what question to ask. Most of us ask "What Inspires Me?", then we try to do more of that. But such an approach is passive, elusive, and gets repressed by your soul-sucking work environment. The better question to ask is "How did I lose my inspiration in the first place?"

Doing so reveals the existence of the 9 Anti-Muses, the forces that drain the inspiration from our work days (& life) - forces such as fear, dwindling self-belief, and overwhelm (to name a few). "Find the Fire" reveals what all of the Anti-Muses are and provides insightful, practical advice so you can counteract each one. You'll be able to bring a sense of energy and passion back to that place you spend so much time in. Oh, and you'll have fun along the way learning, as the book is infused with humor rarely seen in business/motivational/self-help books.

Scott Mautz

About Scott Mautz (Cincinnati, Ohio Author)

Scott Mautz

Scott Mautz is an award winning, consistently top-rated, inspirational key note speaker, course instructor, consultant, and 20+ year executive at Procter & Gamble (where he currently runs a multi-billion dollar business). He is also author of Make it Matter: How Managers Can Motivate by Creating Meaning, a book born from years of in-depth research and leadership experience. His more than two decades of such experience has been honed at Procter & Gamble, a company known for its prowess in both leadership and consumer psychology. Scott has developed a keen eye for identifying deep insights and motivating people to action given those insights. He’s been a passionate student and practitioner of creating “fully wired”, fulfilling work environments rich with meaning that ultimately lead to sustained elevated performance and that transform organizational health & satisfaction scores along the way. In seminars and course instruction, he has deployed dozens of time-tested and proven practical tools to help managers craft such a meaning-rich ecosystem.

Scott has appeared in many leading publications, podcasts, and business blogs including Harvard Business Review, Inc., Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurs Library, Lead Change Group, Great Leadership, Let’s Grow Leaders, Success Story, Switch and Shift, The Accidental Creative, Spin Sucks, 800-CEO-READ, and more.

He has also been named a “Top 50 Leadership Innovator” by Inc., a “2015 CEO Leadership Thought Leader” by the Chief Executives Guild, and a “30 Best Author” by Soundview.

Scott was born in New York and has an undergraduate degree from Binghamton University (1991) and an MBA from Indiana University (1994). He lives in Cincinnati with his wife and daughter.

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