Expensive Sentences – Debunking the Common Myths that Derail Decisions and Sabotage Success

Expensive Sentences
292 Pages
ISBN 978-1940858258

Conversations have consequences. Discussions lead to decisions that shape the future for individuals, families, companies, and nations.

Too often these decisions are derailed by faulty logic and false constraints. These pitfalls are not simply hidden, but deviously veiled in the guise of wisdom, truth, and common sense.

Expensive Sentences exposes the clichéd wisdom that leads to lost time, money, and opportunity. Readers will discover how to hear decision-making traps in real time, and learn to guide teams back to fact and logic that will lead to better outcomes.

Through historic examples, business stories, and personal anecdotes drawn from decades of experience, the author illustrates the prevalence and impact of flawed reasoning. Equally important, the book includes a clear path to improvement: sample text to upgrade conversations and exercises to correct assumptions and clarify solutions.

Jack Quarles

About Jack Quarles (Toledo, Ohio Author)

Jack Quarles

Jack Quarles is an international speaker on business profitability and negotiation, and the author of Amazon #1 Bestsellers How Smart Companies Save Money and Same Side Selling (co-author). He has saved companies tens of millions of dollars over twenty years in the field of expense management.

Jack founded Buying Excellence and co-founded the telecom expense management firm Xigo later acquired by Dimension Data. Jack serves as Chairman of Peacemaker Ministries and on the board of Razoo Foundation, and is an advisor for ePray, a social media startup for which he led the investment campaign.

Jack studied at Yale and Northwestern’s Kellogg school of business. He recently relocated from Virginia to Toledo, Ohio where he lives with his wife and two daughters.

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