Brothers Beyond Blood

Years after the end of WWII, when the two brothers, Hans and Herschel Rothberg have passed on, a lawyer presents their surviving family with a letter, a document that completely turns their world upside down. This manuscript chronicles the relationship of two young men, boys actually, who are thrown together by their experiences in a Nazi concentration camp. It describes their amazing journey from Kefferstadt Camp to a Displaced Persons camp in Germany, and finally to the United States, and the life they are able to make there. Herschel and Hans Rothberg became brothers in the truest sense of the word. Separately they were doomed, but, working together, they just might be able to survive.

Don Kafrissen

About Don Kafrissen (The Villages, Florida Author)

Don Kafrissen

Don Kafrissen lives on five rural acres on Florida's West Coast with his wife, Diane, 2 dogs and 4 cats. He and his wife built their own house and are 'car people', taking part in many car shows and cruise-ins each year with their classic autos.

Don started the Brooksville Writers' Group 14 years ago and now enjoys friendships with many local authors.

Don is a veteran of the US Navy, has lived in R.I., Canada, Texas, California, Vermont and Mykonos, Greece. He has visited 45 different countries and he and his wife lived for 10 years on a 40' Endeavour sailboat, spending quality time in the Caribbean.

Don is semi-retired and runs a power tool and equipment repair business. He is a graduate of Cranston High School East in Cranston, R.I., and Queen's University's McArthur College in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

His Bucket List still includes a trip to Ireland, Costa Rica and the Burning Man Festival!