Blackbird – The Children Of Corvus Book One

249 Pages
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ISBN 978-1530403387

An IHIBRP 5-Star Recommended Read!

Forced to choose between obeying her instincts or the laws of her tribe, is she willing to risk everything for the man she loves? Michael Singleton and Alena Andrick must overcome the curse of the Beast God, while trying to escape the death sentence imposed by the Sacred Order.

BLACKBIRD is book one in the compelling contemporary fantasy trilogy about a tribe of shapeshifters, deep within the inhospitable forest of northern Maine USA, in an alternate dimension known as Blackwater Hills.

Protected by the Great Shield, the tribe lives united in their love and reverence for the god, Corvus. The god of beasts had once bestowed a sacred gift, the ability to transform into the divine entity known as Bestiae, upon the males of this tribe. Inbreeding with humans has caused the gift to become diluted and corrupted. The power of transformation has not been completely eliminated. What remains, triggers a curse the Sacred Order calls the blood madness. Corvus's Sacred Law proclaims that in order to guarantee the blood madness will not be passed to future generations, every male with the curse must be executed.

L.E. Harrison

About L.E. Harrison (Reading, Pennsylvania Author)

L.E. Harrison

L.E. Harrison is the author of the contemporary fantasy trilogy the Children of Corvus, as well as a collection of previously published poems and short stories.

A lifelong avid reader and lover of genre fiction—from science fiction to paranormal romance, and everything in between—she’s inspired by stories that blur boundaries, and by the authors who manage to do it exceptionally well. She lives in a hundred-sixty-year-old farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania, where she is busy working on the next chapter in the universe of Soluna’s children.