Bitter Awakenings – The Keeper Chronicles, Book 1

It had been a quiet three years for Truddie Mae Watts, an almost immortal woman sharing the body of an eleven-year-old girl alongside an injured demon. As a Keeper, those chosen by the fates and granted supernatural powers to protect the veil between our world and the astral planes, she has grown accustomed to the tranquility of her home magically hidden away within the swampy wilderness along the outskirts of Dade City, Florida. That is until the veil calls out for her assistance urging her back into action and into the path of a sinister new enemy.

Something has breached the veil into our world. An entity that marks her and those she loves, for death. Driven by a ravenous appetite for energy, a craving for the occult, and a desire to end all of Keeper kind, it will stop at nothing until this world, her reality, is erased.

Now, forced to work alongside the tri-blooded Dusty, her adopted son and nature mage Niles, and Valda the snobby ice enchantress, they must race to stop this new evil that is hell-bent to destroy them and ultimately cause two worlds to collide that would unravel the universe.

Against all odds and against a ticking monstrosity of devouring evil, the Keepers must rally and protect not only their reality but also themselves before time runs out for them all.

Kester James Finley

About Kester James Finley (Tampa Bay, Florida Author)

Kester James Finley

Kester James Finley is an author of paranormal and supernatural urban fantasy books. His work includes "The Keeper Chronicles" series and an, as of yet to be published, young adult fantasy series currently in the works.

Kester is a proud member of the Rave Reviews Book Club and the Independent Author Network and received the September 2017- Silver Literary Titan Book Award for his first novel "Bitter Awakenings", a paranormal and supernatural fantasy filled with magical realism. A graduate of Saint Leo University, Kester received a BA in Psych and graduated with honors, as figuring out what makes people tick and tock turned into something more than a hobby.

As a Florida native, Kester spent his younger years watching horror films, collecting comics, and writing in his spare time as an escape from the evilness of sunlight. He grew up in Zephyrhills, Florida before moving to Spring Hill, Florida where he currently resides with his partner Joe and their demon spawn of a cat, Tucker.