A Secret in the Forest – The FeyTerrah Series - Book Two

A Secret in the Forest
240 Pages
ISBN 978-1633632875

Despite Dreamer’s earlier warning, an antagonistic Victor sets out to discover Lily’s secret and gains dangerous information. Dreamer keeps quiet, as he begins experiencing a transformation that will give him extraordinary abilities.

Just as the Kingmans are discovering other fey and fey allies in their community, Lily and Dreamer disappear, and the evidence points to Victor. The Kingmans cannot call on local authorities for help without revealing their family’s secret. Dreamer takes drastic steps to demonstrate to Victor what a war between their worlds would mean. Lily makes a painful decision about her wedding

Marie Navarro

About Marie Navarro (Reno, Nevada Author)

Marie Navarro

A Reiki Master who practices yoga and believes in magic, Marie Navarro began writing fantasy while traveling the United States with her husband.

Interested in both fiction and non-fiction, Marie has been a regional editor for the California Homeschool News, staff writer for El Observador in San Jose CA, a contributing writer to the San Jose Mercury News, and is the author of The FeyTerrah Trilogy.

She lives in Northern Nevada with her husband and a yard full of garden fairies.