A Righteous Fury – A Berserker Novel

A Righteous Fury
368 Pages
ISBN 978-1535164894

Born to families with polar views of faith, Michael rejected the concept of anything spiritual...that is until the nightmare approached him. Plagued with blackouts and a voice that only he can hear, Michael turns to new friends as he is hunted by demon and demon-slayer alike. No longer able to deny the truth, Michael must decide what to believe in, before the darkness takes him.

Jack Fernard

About Jack Fernard (Grand Rapids, Michigan Author)

Jack Fernard

Raised on the bluffs of Lake Michigan, Jack Fernard’s backyard was the perfect place for a young imagination. It was here, in the time before internet, that Jack would wander for hours with only the wilds of the woods as company – facilitating a life-long companionship with nature.

With time moving forward, as it always does, events soon carried Jack to Kalamazoo, where he now furthers his appreciation of our beautiful world by homesteading off-grid with his wife and son.