Wine, Sex and Suicide – My Near Death Divorce

Wine, Sex and Suicide
368 Pages
Blue Hayes Publishing

A heartbreakingly raw, day-to-day journal showing the depths of despair of an abandoned wife who battles the conflicting desires to numb the pain while wanting to move on and live a peaceful life with meaning and purpose.

For 17 years, Patty Hayes saw her identity as her husband’s wife. When the marriage ended abruptly, she spiraled into an abysmal darkness. Splashed with her intimate thoughts, her day-to-day struggle paints a picture of a woman disconnected from her true self and illustrates the dangerous after shocks of being a dependent spouse.

Wine, Sex and Suicide – my near death divorce takes us on a colorful journey from a small village in Romania where Patty volunteered at an orphanage for her first Christmas alone, to dive bars and dance clubs in Hollywood where she went on the prowl seeking sexual validation from young men, to the stark clinical backdrop of the psychiatric hospital where she made a friend, and ultimately to her decision to leave the city she’d known for 20 years and move to a small town to start over.

Laced with humor, Patty’s story will speak to those who’ve ever felt broken and lost. Her determination to overcome the gripping addictions will give hope to others who may be going through the dark night of the soul that it is possible to transcend the pain and find purpose.

Patty Blue Hayes

About Patty Blue Hayes (San Luis Obispo, California Author)

Patty Blue Hayes

Patty Blue Hayes is grateful to have survived her near death divorce, an event that launched her into the darkest depths of depression. Patty’s award-winning book, Wine, Sex and Suicide – My Near Death Divorce, shares her story of loss, vulnerability, and eventual reawakening to her own value and worth. She moved from pain to finding purpose. Through her story she helps people not feel alone in their own painful life experiences.

Patty founded Soul Garden Healing®, to help women get through their journey of heartbreak with her signature audio program, You Can Heal Your HeartbreakTM. The program is based on her book, My Heart is Broken. Now What?, offering 12 helpful practices in an easy guidebook.

She is working on another life experience book, chronicling time in Thailand at an elephant sanctuary, the Dominican Republic where she worked at a boys and girls club, and her return to the small Romanian village of Baile Tusnad to complete her English teaching practicum to children in a group home. Follow her journey on her blog.

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