Wind Me Up, One More Time

Grace Morisot gets Theodora, a toy bear for the holidays. A bear only she can hear. A bear she can go on special adventures with.

Once she and Theodora get together, life seems to be going quite well. She meets Heather and Heidi, whom become good friends and potential future wives. Heidi finds Carrot Monster, a rabbit companion of her own while Heather decides to save some nisse in a window from their depressing hats. 

Perhaps Grace’s mother is never around. She still has Nathalie, her adopted sister and surrogate mother, who tells wonderful stories. Nat has Maia, whom acts like a mother, even if she has a tendency to turn into Iama the Terrible when she’s been working too hard. 

Things come to an end when tragedy takes Nathalie away. The gears of industry, which Grace has come to fear, threaten to take Maia away, too.

It’s up to Theodora Bear, Grace’s companion to somehow safe the day. Yet how can she do anything when her child is ceasing to believe in her? 

K.S. Trenten

About K.S. Trenten (Silicon Valley, California Author)

K.S. Trenten

K.S. Trenten lives in San Jose with her husband, two cats, and a host of imaginary characters in her head. The cats will only permit her foot to appear in this image since Sage and Cinnamon wish it be known that K.S. Trenten's primary occupation is feline servant. They have graciously allowed her to write when they don't require her attention elsewhere. :) She's written Fairest, a f/f fantasy fairytale which appears in Nine Star Press's Once Upon a Rainbow, At Her Service, another f/f fairytale which appears in Once Upon a Rainbow 2, and Seven Tricks, a mouse centric version of The Nutcracker where the mouse gets the nutcracker. It's all the San Jose ballet's fault. :) Their wonderful version of The Nutcracker had to go and inspire me. :) K.S. Trenten is currently working on a number of stories, including Aissa and Polyxena (a m/m mythical tale of cross-dressing inspired by the contradictory legends of Achilles) and Stealing Myself From Shadows (the first of a series of ambient fantasy novels inspired by Tarot card imagery). You can catch free samples of her works at her Cauldrons of Eternal Inspiration at and