Who Are They? – The Extreme Limit

Who Are They?
286 Pages
ISBN 978-1492310006

Hang on to your seat as this story unfolds with its intertwined web of lies, sex, crime, and a plethora of unusual events as they climax, and convey deep emotions and vivid images, while the twosomes evolve into sexual triangles of turmoil.

Charice and Andrew’s marriage was a complete hoax. They never even slept in the same bed and could hardly stand the sight of each other. They had become like one of those couples that did nothing but nag in each other’s presence and whine about how pathetic they were to one another. Not a day passed when they did not fight or express how much hate they felt for one another, and…Julie and Andrew…

Grant and Victoria’s marriage is filled with great romance at first; but Grant ends up cheating on Victoria, with Julia, and so they split up. Victoria distracts herself with her job because that was more important than her failed marriage and Grant’s pathetic attempts at getting her back.

Meanwhile Bridgette and Elias run away from her abusive husband, Henry. She is happy with her small son away from him until…

Jenna was beautiful, aspiring model, promising to be faithful to her love, Morgan. Morgan goes on an extensive business trip to South Africa, and when he comes home intended to propose to Jenna, but discovers Crowley….

Read the book to find out what happens….

Taylor Storm

About Taylor Storm (Twin Cities, Minnesota Author)

Taylor Storm

Taylor Storm is the author of seven winning novels, including the cliff-hangers in the Who--? Series • Who Are They? The Extreme Limit • Who Loves Them? The Pre-Arranged Wedding • Who Loves Her? The Vanilla Wedding • Who Am I? Shocked to Emotion • Who Chases Them? Running…But From What? • Who Is He? The Black Hoax: An Identity Crises • Who Deceives Whom? The Art of Trickery and Deception

Taylor has also written: She Pours a Great Manhattan and She Blew Up Her Husband

Taylor warns that you should look around you; you may know someone who has a secret life just like the characters.