Welcome to Paradise – Moving to Hawaii Made Easy, sort-of

Welcome to Paradise
130 Pages
ISBN 978-1499280579

Thinking about moving to Hawaii? Thinking about visiting? Tired of winter? Here's a beginner's guide to the ins and outs of living in Hawaii, by someone who knows.

Sam Cudney

About Sam Cudney (Hawaii Author)

Sam Cudney

Sam is a retired scientist with a computer, a camera (several, actually), and too much spare time. Oh; and a copy of the Chicago style manual. He moved to Hawaii in 2012 with two dogs, a cat, and a wife. The wife and one dog are still able to put up with him.

Mostly he writes about Hawaii, and particularly about the influence of the 19th century missionaries on the development of Hawaiian culture as we know it today. Just for fun, he's also published a book on publishing your book. Although it's dirt cheap on Amazon, it seems to be a best not-seller.

He's working on fiction now; three at once, which pretty much guarantees that nothing will get published real soon, but we can hope.