Weird & Wacky Creatures 2 – Strand, Weird Animals that Really Exist

Weird & Wacky Creatures 2
48 Pages
DSG Kids! DSG Publishing
ISBN 0996837566

Ever heard of a Flying Monkey? What about tree-climbing Dogs who wash their food before they eat it? Or, super-tiny Elephants or naked Rodents who snack on the unthinkable? Sounds impossible, but, I wouldn’t tell you it was true without having pictures to back it up! You’ll be introduced to these animals and more in this new book of Weird & Wacky Creatures 2. There are fun activities you can do at home, and of course, the glossary of huge, scientific words you can use to stupefy your parents at the dinner table. Yes, that’s my favorite part, and when you see the look on their faces, it will become yours, too...

K.B. Carr

About K.B. Carr (Grand Rapids, Michigan Author)

K.B. Carr

K.B. Carr is someone who is lucky enough to be able to do what she loves best- learn about weird stuff!

Her mother wanted to know why she asked so many questions all the time. K.B. told her that she asked because she wanted to know things. “Curiosity killed the cat.”, her mother said. “But, satisfaction brought her back!”, K.B. replied.

K.B. is the mother of two children, Ryan and Kelsey, and she tries really hard to answer all their questions if she can.

She lives in West Michigan with her dog, Captain Jack. K.B. says that Ryan, Kelsey and Jack are her favorite Weird & Wacky Creatures.