Wandering Storm – Reunification Series, Book 3

Wandering Storm
265 Pages
ISBN 978-0999178850

Mala Dusa Holloman pledged her life and sacred honor to the Union when she joined the Reunification Commission, but the Academy changed during her time there. No longer a center of scientific learning, it became a training ground for Earth’s officers corps, its graduates destined for the front lines as conflict engulfs the Interstellar Union.

The Tarakana are enabling the war. Alien, secretive, most are tearing the Union apart, feeding off human desire for blood and revenge. One Tarakana colony stands against them. Merrimac feeds on nobler emotions. Both sides are breeding humans for their own preferred traits. Mala Dusa and her lover, Samuel Coleridge, are Merrimac’s latest generation, and their unborn child is just what the Tarakana want. All of the Tarakana.

Merrimac has shown Mala Dusa many alternate futures, trying to coax her to his chosen path. In only one can she and Samuel survive after their child is born. The path is hazy, but they can live if she remembers the steps. One mistake could cost everything - their lives, their child, and humanity’s future.

Steven J. Anderson

About Steven J. Anderson (Colorado Springs, Colorado Author)

Steven J. Anderson

Steven Anderson is the author of the Reunification series of science fiction adventures and romances, and various short stories. An IT professional with a background in space command and control systems, Steve is a graduate of the University of Colorado with degrees in Geology and Economics. He is passionate about good writing and creative story telling.

Steve lives in Colorado with his wife and an aging collection of parts that’s sometimes a car.

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