Wandering Star – Book One of the Reunification Series

Wandering Star
280 Pages
Steven Anderson
ISBN 9780999178805

Book One of the Reunification Series.

The Interstellar Union is not as peaceful as the Reunification Commission pretends. Despite rumors of war and revolution, RuComm is sending out diplomats and scientists. They say it is a time for peace. For Ted Holloman, fresh from the RuComm Academy, it is a time of duty and service. Outbound from Earth, Ted has problems of his own. His best friend is in love with Wandering Star’s linguist, a woman with gold flecks in her brown eyes. Too bad being in love is against RuComm policy and the ship’s AI is always watching.

Then there’s the chaplain on her way to the Mission on Bodens Gate. When Ted looks into her cold, blue eyes, he sees more than a desire to serve God. Together, they must find a way to survive on Bodens Gate, where the government rules by terror and blood, and death is a simple thing that passes with shrugs more often than tears. Encouraging rebellion there might get them killed. Leading one certainly will. But for love, it might be the only choice.

Steven J. Anderson

About Steven J. Anderson (Colorado Springs, Colorado Author)

Steven J. Anderson

Steven Anderson is the author of the Reunification series of science fiction adventures and romances, and various short stories. An IT professional with a background in space command and control systems, Steve is a graduate of the University of Colorado with degrees in Geology and Economics. He is passionate about good writing and creative story telling.

Steve lives in Colorado with his wife and an aging collection of parts that’s sometimes a car.

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