Waking up Human – A Survivor's Guide

Waking up Human
236 Pages
Drake Street Press
ISBN 978-0-692-96954-0

Have you ever felt you don’t belong here? That maybe you were sent to the wrong place? Have terrible people happened to you, in a seemingly endless parade of pain and bewilderment? Do you long to make sense of it all? You are not alone. This is a survival story of how one soul lived through years of abuse. Discarded and betrayed, her fierce determination and dauntless introspection helped her discover the quiet, small voice inside that grew into a powerhouse of self realization. She could heal herself.

Waking Up Human: A Survivor’s Guide is a sometimes raw, quite often hilarious real-life experience. In a no-holds-barred, down-to-the-nitty-gritty monologue, Susan Aranda reveals how her day-to-day struggles caring for a dying and unappreciative father shed light on her life-long affliction with abusive partners. The experience ultimately frees her heart to celebrate the Divine Guidance in which she always secretly believed. Her hard-won wisdom provides others the courage and conviction to successfully navigate the complete voyage of being human.

Susan Aranda

About Susan Aranda (Jacksonville, Florida Author)

Susan Aranda

Susan Aranda began her human journey in the mystical foothills of the great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. She spent the better part of her childhood running wild and barefoot through the woods and learning the magic of Mother Earth. The soundtrack of her life has many melodies, the most constant of which has always been the wistful wail of the train horn, but the siren song of the ocean has won her heart (she may have been a mermaid in a past life). After recovering herself from successive destructive relationships, she hopes to share her hard-earned knowledge that everyone deserves to be loved, and anyone can be their own hero. She has made it her mission to empower others who have not yet discovered that having boundaries against abusive and toxic people, from family to partners to frenemies to bosses, is a necessary act of self-preservation and, above all else, self-love. She is a working single mother to two amazing creatures called “children” and a full-time college student. She enjoys tending her small garden and cooking delicious food. She occasionally worships at her piano and spends Sundays drinking coffee (the nectar of the Gods) and cuddling with her two sometimes-maddening cats.
…and she will always believe in magic.