Waiverings – A Brainwaiver Anthology

Welcome to the World of Brainwaiver:

A Universe on the edge of technological advances so invasive, humankind must war for its right to choose. Waiverings is a collection of two novellas that tell the in-between stories of the Brainwaiver saga.

Novella 1.5 - Waivering Winds As Celine's opposition, Delilah did her thing in Waivering Minds, but it wasn't all good... surprisingly, it wasn't all bad either. Learn about her horror story of human trafficking and slavery. God and KC have their work cut out for them when it comes to winning Delilah’s heart. But neither one of them is about to give up. Experience her story as both show a woman with a checkered past that she has always been a lioness at heart.

Waivering Times, Novella 2.5 Amanda, too young and too focused on saving the world from Brainwaiver (starting with her mom) finds Cruz irritating... and irresistible. On a mission from God, Amanda is determined to win her war, and the man that makes her wish she never had to fight one. However, Cruz Arpaio is no fool. Amanda, at nineteen, was too young for a US Marshall in his mid-twenties. Not to mention that Denise "Balboa" Ferry-Arpaio, his new and military trained sister-in-law would kill him, if his brother Max didn't first. So, Cruz left as he was told. Years later, he still can't get the thought of Amanda Same out of his mind. Determined to return for the woman he knows is his, Cruz never makes it to his destination. What happens next turns the worlds of Amanda Same and Cruz Arpaio on its head; and kicks off the war that had been a long time coming. Will Cruz and Amanda find each other again and somehow, reunite and reignite the powerful attraction that both of them can't forget in these Waivering Times? Only God knows...

Chantay M. James

About Chantay M. James (St. Louis, Missouri Author)

Chantay M. James

Chantay James, winner of the Praize writing contest in 2005 published her very first novel and has been writing ever since. A jack of many trades centered around educating and assisting children - she has also served in many areas of ministry. Combining her passions of serving Christ and writing, Chantay strives to help others fulfill their potential. A devoted mother of one, she lives in St. Louis, Missouri. She loves a good romance, a good laugh... and cartoons.